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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Masquerade Ball @ CWS (Styling)

Wow what an event we had today!!  Our styling theme was "Masquerade", so of course we all came in our best gowns and masks, ready for a Masquerade Ball on the CWS Runway!!  There was so many contestants today too, all wearing incredible gowns.  The beautiful Ms Tiffani Celestalis had the pleasure of announcing us and guessing who was behind each mask.  But poor Ms Laylah Lecker had an extremely difficult task judging us today!  I didn't envy that job today for sure!!

Well lets take a look at the wonderful contestants at the Masquerade Ball.  There were 17 contestants today (can you believe it!) so I decided to do a slideshow so you can see all the wonderful contestants..

As you can see, today there was some fierce competition.  It's lucky we didn't know who was who! LOL

Well, after much deliberation, Ms Laylah Lecker tallied our scores and so here are todays top 3!!

3rd: Janet Brink

2nd: Caralyne Melody

1st: Sidney Abbot

What an incredible event!!  See you all at the next one..



  1. I'm glad ur back now I can b updated LOL besos boo

    1. hahaha! i did TWO stylings this week, can you believe it! lol.. watch out I'm in a fashion show on the weekend too :)