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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sara's back!!!

Yep peoples, watch out... Sara's back!!!

And I'm back with presents too!!!  Are you ready?  Have you been good?  LOL

Ok, first up, my Olympic outfit, naturally an aussie hurdler uniform just like Sally Pearson wore when she won gold in London...

I'd be a pretty cute athlete huh? LOL

Ok ok, second present...  We all know about quickchanges right?  Well in CWS we do, but what about in real life??  Check out this act called Soul Mystique from Australia's Got Talent...

Enjoy peoples!!  Hope to see you all at another fashion event soon... MWAHs

Saturday, 28 July 2012

JayGee Fashion Show @ CWS

Today we had another fashion show at the wonderful CWS Black & White venue.  It was my first time walking the new venue, so exciting..

The designer provided us with lots of lacey gowns and dresses.  Here's a sneak peek at what I wore for the event..

And of course, here's our group photo!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the show!  Stay tuned for the next one!!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Masquerade Ball @ CWS (Styling)

Wow what an event we had today!!  Our styling theme was "Masquerade", so of course we all came in our best gowns and masks, ready for a Masquerade Ball on the CWS Runway!!  There was so many contestants today too, all wearing incredible gowns.  The beautiful Ms Tiffani Celestalis had the pleasure of announcing us and guessing who was behind each mask.  But poor Ms Laylah Lecker had an extremely difficult task judging us today!  I didn't envy that job today for sure!!

Well lets take a look at the wonderful contestants at the Masquerade Ball.  There were 17 contestants today (can you believe it!) so I decided to do a slideshow so you can see all the wonderful contestants..

As you can see, today there was some fierce competition.  It's lucky we didn't know who was who! LOL

Well, after much deliberation, Ms Laylah Lecker tallied our scores and so here are todays top 3!!

3rd: Janet Brink

2nd: Caralyne Melody

1st: Sidney Abbot

What an incredible event!!  See you all at the next one..


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs" Styling @ CWS

Hiya friends!!

Yes I know it's a been a lil while since my last posting.  Well today we had "Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs" Styling at CWS!!  Some of you might remember we had Snow White styling a while ago, and I guess it was a risk to use the same outfit again.  But I didn't place that time and this time we had a different judge.  Different judges look for different things so I thought it was worth a shot!!

Also there were some different contestants today which made it interesting.  Let's take a look at the wonderful entrants for todays event!

(from left to right
Lizzy Lighthouse-Lewis,
Sara (me),
Janet Brink)

(from left to right
Laci Rossini,
Sweetyuna Wendel)

The ever wonderful Ms Laylah Lecker announced us all today, while Ms Tiffani Celestalis used her expert judging skills to determine the top 3.  And so here they are ladies and gentlemen, our sexy top 3 Snow Whites (and Evil Queen)..

3rd: Sweetyuna Wendel

2nd: Janet Brink

1st: Laci Rossini

Seeya all at the next show!  MWAHs

Monday, 2 July 2012

Song of the Week & a Surprise!

Hiya peoples!!  Well I'm not sure if I've been keeping up with my song of the week posts, so here's a really quirky song for ya all!


Oh and the surpise!!  I just started my modelling portfolio today, I took some new photos of some of my favourite styling and fashion show outfits..  More coming soon so check it out..
Sara's Modelling Portfolio on Flickr


Saturday, 30 June 2012

Creative Face Makeup Styling @ CWS

Hiya friends!!  Today we had an interesting theme for styling..  Our theme was "Creative Face Makeup!"

I chose to extend the theme to my whole body and I had a body artist paint my whole body like a Jackson Pollock painting hahaha!  There were some very creative entries today too..

The wonderful Vicky Yongbo announced us today, while DebbieDoo Tigerfish used her skill and knowledge to judge us.  Let's take a look at the entrants shall we..

First out was none other than meee lol..

<-- Sara (me) in incredible body paint!

Ace (Ascensions Resident)  -->

<-- Babette Upshaw

Wulla Zabelin -->

<-- Princess Violetta

And now for the top 3..  Hold on to your paints!!

3rd: Babette Upshaw (right)
2nd: Princess Violetta (left)
1st: Sara !! (centre)

Woohooo I can't believe I got first place :)  luckily being so cold and walking the runway in only paint has paid off!!  We all looked awesum though!!!

Unfortunately I can't be in the Fashion Show tomorrow, it's at a earlier time than usual which means the rehearsal starts at like 4am Sunday morning for me!  Hopefully I'll be back in fashion shows soon....


Saturday, 23 June 2012

"With Your Pet" Styling @ CWS !!

Hiya friends!!

Today was my first styling for a couple weeks, since I was away partying the last 2 weekends. :P

I had a pretty busy week so I only had like an hour before the styling to get myself ready for it, but luckily I already had ideas for it.  I wore one of my favourite yoga tracksuits, which most people have already seen, and I got myself a pet doggie which I named "Woofie".  He's a white shepherd, so I guess like an albino german shepherd..  I had to train him in just 20 mins before the show LOL!

Here's a pic of me and Woofie :)

I'm still yet to learn everything he can do hehe..  But so far I know he will chase a ball if I leave it out for him, he will eat if I leave food in his bowl, or he'll just roam around or sleep etc..

Standing backstage I could clearly see who the top 3 would be.  I didn't have enough time to get myself ready for this event, but I still wanted to participate!!  Next week I need to get some practice done so I can get back into CWS fashion shows too! :)

Anyhow, here are today's top 3 for our "With Your Pet" themed styling...
3rd: Ms Subrina Bearsfoot and her chimpanzee "Chi Chi"  (left)

2nd: Ms Sagia Resident and her blackbird "Big Guy" (right)

1st: Ms Liberty Lighthouse Sands and her kittycat "Whiskers" (centre)

Congrats to the top 3, your outfits and pet choices were amazing and descriptions were so imaginative!!  Thanks to Ms Vicky Yongbo for announcing us today, and to Ms DebbieDoo Tigerfish for her expert judging.. :)

I'm looking for to next weekend's styling and also to getting back into fashion shows too!! :)  Lastly I'll leave you with this month's CWS Magazine Video...   Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Random snaps of the weekend :P

Hiya everybody..  I've missed you all, but Monday just gone was my birthday.  Yes I know we celebrated it in SL a weekend before last, but I wasn't gonna miss out on the real partying too :P

So just to match me SL party pics, here's a few random snaps of the weekend just gone..  I did go out for dinner last night (my actual bday) but that was a bit more tame and formal lmao..


Hope you enjoy the pics :)  Can't wait to get back into the stylings and fashion shows!!!

Oh and since I've been a bit slack, here's this weeks Song of the Week!!!

Enjoy!!!  MWAHs

Monday, 11 June 2012

Memories of My Birthday Party ....

Well I think it's safe to say my birthday party was an overwhelming success!!!  I had soooo much fun!  I've got some snaps to show you all.. We held the party at our bungalo rooftop, which my SL partner Claudia and I have spent lots of time creating and perfecting!

Here's me in my ice blue gown as the party was getting started..

Of course I kept changing outfits the whole night LOL..  I even called a spontaneous "Sexiest Dressed" competition, sadly I had to rule myself out of the comp since I was taking the votes hehehe..

I even got my huddles out and ran some sync dancing hehehe..  You can take the model out of CWS class, but you can't take the CWS out of the model hahaha..

a friend Aber gave me that box of choccies that shouts
whenever someone grabs a choccie hehe

After yet another outfit change, the party rumbled on and on..  We even had to extend the booking with our awesum DJ Ex-x-xquisite!!!

At some point (don't remember exactly when lol) I called "bikini time!"  So everyone put their best bikini on and we all looked hot dancing in sync hehehe..

When one of our best friends had to leave I demanded a group photo, and where better to have a group photo than right on my birthday cake LOL..

cake & kini's lol
(yep that's me on the top, Claudia in front)

The party got pretty wild at times, our DJ even got in on the act and played some very nawtee songs too!  At one point I was summoned on stage by Claudia and wrapped in clingwrap (saran wrap) lmao!  How embarrassing hehe.

Of course the party continued on into the night!  It went for about 7 hours all up, with different crowds popping in and out the whole time!!

and yet another outfit change for me... lol

I had such an awesome time and hope everyone that came had fun!  It was so nice to see so many of my CWS friends pop in too!  Thankyou so much to everyone who came to help me celebrate :) and thankyou to Claudia for organising this party for me :)  next weekend I get to do it all again, for real this time hehe..  So I'll miss you all next weekend, but I'll be back after a weekend of partying, before you know it!!

So until next time..  keeping partying, like I will be next weekend hehe..


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sara's Birthday Party !!!!!!!!!

Hiya friends!!!  Yep my birthday is coming up and we are celebrating it a week early in SL since I'll be off partying for the RL event hehehe. :P

I'll be sending out invites shortly, but if you're not on my friends list yet or if I missed you somehow, just IM me and I'll chuck you an invite :)

But here's the basic details..

When:  Saturday 9th June 2012 @ 5pm SLT (so come after the fashion show and party it up)

Where:  Bungalo Rooftop @ Claudia & Sara's Place (LM included in the invites)

What to wear:  whatever you like! :)  I'll probably start casual but naturally change my outfit about 4 or 5 times hahaha

We have the awesome DJ Ex-x-xquisite spinning tunes for us into the night and taking requests too.

I hope you all can come even if you can't stay for the whole party, it's sure to be The Party of the Day!!  After all it's what we're waiting for.. right!?!!

Hope to see you there!!


PS.  I know you been waiting, so here's my Song of the Week :)

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Ok peoples, so I was pretty late with the song of the week..  Oh also I'll be celebrating my birthday on 9th June @ 5pm SLT  so I hope you'll all come, we have an awesome DJ lined up for it.  My actual birthday is the weekend after but I won't be on that weekend so we are gonna celebrate it here a week early :)

Anyways, on with the song huh?  Well something different for you all, yep, the winning song from Eurovision hehe (yes we do get to see it here in Australia).  I'm sure we gonna hear it on the radio soon..

Enjoy!  MWAHs

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nils Island Fashion Show @ CWS

Today it was a pleasure to present to the SL world, incredible outfits designed by fellow Aussie chicka, Ms Nils Tomorrow, of Nils Island Fashion!!  I must say all the models did a wonderful job in extremely laggy conditions..  I hope everyone enjoyed watching us show off Nilsy's wonderful print dresses and lovely lacey designs!!

You can check out all the gorgeous outfits from Nils Island Store here at the CWS Fashion District.

Unfortunately due to such bad lag I couldn't get many photos to show you all, but let me show you the outfits I was trusted to present today...

And here is our group photo for the show!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the show!!  Good luck to the Class of May students too, they will be graduating next weekend! :)


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Styling Witch Theme @ CWS

Well people, I can tell you there was plenty of wickedness at the CWS Style-a-drome today!!  There was even a cursing kitty!!  Bad kitty, bad kitty!!

I spent a lot of time on today's outfit and went with a Wiccan Goddess theme! :)  The vivacious Vicky Yongbo announced us today, and she sure kept us on our toes bringing the May students out as they arrived.  Today was their mandatory styling for their midterms (Class of May @ UCWS).  All the students did a wonderful job, and the rest of us sure gave them a run for their money too! hehe

So lets see some of the wicked designs shall we?....

Eva Madenwald -->

<-- Elizabeth Windstorm

Agee Canto -->
Class of May student (UCWS)

<-- Sothisiruis Resident
Class of May student (UCWS)

Sara, the Wiccan Goddess of the East
(me) -->

<-- Ace (Ascensions Resident) as Joan of Arc!!

Starfire Outlander -->
with her very bad kitty (cursing kitty)

<-- Laci Rossini  (Miss May)

Sxychanel -->

<-- Violeta Grace (Princess Violeta)
she brought her broom and wand and all her tricks..

Aquasia Aquajet -->
Class of May student (UCWS)

<-- Lilmama Artis

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, some fine wicked ladies on the runway today, and a classy french wizard too!  The devilish DebbieDoo Tigerfish was judging today and she sure had a tough task to select the top 3.  But as always, professional as ever, scores were tallied and the top 3 was finalised..  Here we are everyone, our wickedly stylish top 3!!!

3rd: Laci Rossini (right)

2nd: Sara (me) (left)

1st:  Ace!!  (center)

Woohoooo I finally placed again after so much hard work!!  I tried all my tricks and even got my candles out to cast a nice spell at the end..  And my bestie Ace got 1st YAY!!  Way to go Ace!!!  It was a huge field today, with 12 models competing, so I'm very proud of us that placed, but everyone did so well including the wonderful Class of May students!!!

Don't forget peoples, tomorrow is our Fashion Show for Nils Island.  It'll be at the wonderfully renovated Red Carpet Venue, so I hope to see you all there!!  Here's the taxi to get you there...

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - NILs Island Fashion Show @ CWS Red Carpet Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Red Carpet Venue Audience

Seeya there!!


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Song of the Week !!

Yes I know, I'm running late with this weeks song hehe.  It's been a busy week in RL for me..  So here we are again, time to select another sweet tune for you all. :)

This one's gonna be a lil daggy, but I hear it a lot on the radio at the moment and it's kinda funky, makes me wanna dance!!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Oh before I forget, here's the next couple events at CWS that I'm planning to be in, with handy landmarks/teleports...

Friday @ 5pm SLT  -  Styling Event "Witch Theme" @ CWS Styling Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Styling Audience

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - NILs Island Fashion Show @ CWS Red Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Red Venue Audience

Hope to see you all there!!


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS (the secret's out!)

Well I hope you all came to our incredibly sexy show at the newly renovated CWS Blue (Red) Venue!!  Today it was Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show!!!!  We all showed off some of sensationally sexy lingerie, looking so alluring in Carrie's wonderful designs.  I know where I want to shop next!! hehe

I didn't get to take as many photos this time.  This formation was pretty constant and I was only going to attempt taking photos during practice like I did last time.  I got a couple though, hopefully you all did too!!

Firstly I'll show you my outfits I was trusted to present in the show...

Gorgeous huh!!  Remember to click the photo to view it bigger! :)  Now let's see a selection of all Carrie's gorgeous designs..  Our final pose for the event.. (front and center is Nina, filling in for Miss May)

And lastly, our sexy group photo!!  (sorry to those are kinda hidden, so hard to get the perfect shot)

All in all it was a fantastic show and I'm so happy I got to be in it!  Today was my second fashion show, and it was 2 of my model besties debuts today!!  Ms Ascensions (Ace) Resident!!  Wooohooo, way to go Ace!!!  Here she is here in her stunning lingerie...

And Ms KariLicious Resident...

I hope everyone enjoyed the show!!  I sure did!  I felt like Miranda Kerr on the runway hehe..  Don't forget to go here, CWS Fashion District, to get yourself some sexy undies from Carrie's Lingerie!!!

Until next time..


PS wooohoooo my Claudia got picked for the after show video! How awesome!!  So here's a snap of the lucky audience members doing their dance for the video...

that's her on the left in red lingerie by Carrie's Designs -->

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Snow White Styling @ CWS

Hiya friends, well today at CWS Styling, the theme was Snow White!!!  There were some interesting takes on the theme, oh and lots of evil queens too.  Me and Ace were very nervous backstage, they tried to tempt us with their poison apples lol.

Oh, the wonderful Ms Vicky announced us today and selected me to go on the runway first again, eeek!  So let's take a look at the amazing outfits for the event!

<---  Sara (me)
in my "sexy Snow White" costume that I put together..

Babette Upshaw -->
looking very kinky as an evil queen..

<-- Sidney Abbot
in a "classical" evil queen ensemble

Ace (Ascensions Resident) -->
like me, she brought her "sexy Snow White" look too :)

<-- Lin Carlucci
one of the most unique entrants today!  incredible gown! luv it!

Love Resident -->
another "kinky looking" evil queen hehe

<-- KariLicious!!
another of our "sexy Snow Whites" hehe

Poor Debbie had a tough decision today judging our outfits and poses..  But like always she was ever professional and tallied our scores to perfection!  So, here we go peoples, ready to see the top three?!?!

3rd: Sidney Abbot (right)

2nd: Babette Upshaw (left)

1st: Lin Carlucci (center)

As you can see the most unique take on the theme was a real winner today!  Well done Lin!!  Congrats to Babette and Sidney too!  We all had amazing outfits today so we are all winners today!!  Well done everyone!

Now people, don't forget, Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS tomorrow!!

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS Blue Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Blue Venue Audience

See you there!!