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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mini-Skirt with Boots Styling @ CWS

So today the theme was "Mini-skirt with boots".

I did my best and I was happy with my outfit combination..  Then I was chosen to go out first on the runway!! OMG!  I was nervous, I've never gone out first before eeeeek!

Calmly I slinked out there when they called my name, strutting my stuff, posing and counting, nailing the cam turns, etc.  Then to wait and watch oh so long!!  So many contestants today...

Here I am, waiting patiently as everybody has their turn..

Our guest judge today was Phillippe Byron, and he kept us in suspense when it came results time.  We all had fun waiting though, even Steve was going to perform Swan Lake!! :P
But Phillippe came through with the results just before the curtains opened for Steve's debut lol :P

And so, today's winners were:  Janet Brink in 3rd, Nicki Fray in 2nd, and Katseye2 was today's winner!  Congratulations to all three, and to all of us who entered, we all looked fabulous!!!!!!

(from left to right:  Nicki Fray, Katseye2, Janet Brink)

I hope everyone enjoyed the event as much I enjoyed being in it! :)  See you all at the next one!!


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