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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Wedding of Liberty Lighthouse & Pmann Sands

Wow!! What a day it's been, first an amazing styling event and then such a stunningly gorgeous wedding!!  Today, Ms Liberty Lighthouse shared vows with Mr Pmann Sands..  Oh and what tear jerking vows they were.  It was soooooooo dam cute!!!!  Thankyou so much for inviting me Libby. (I hope you don't mind my nickname for you btw)

I never met Pmann before the wedding, and to be honest, I don't know Libby all that well, yet.  But what I do know about Liberty, I can say for sure Pmann must be the finest of men to get a "Yes" from her! :)

The venue for the ceremony was simply stunning and beautiful!!  I can see there was no expense spared, and the reception was just as spectacular!

Well, I'm still lost for words really, it surely was a glorious event, and Liberty looked absolutely positively stunning!  She wore such an alluring but glamorously beautiful gown.  Her now Husband, Pmann, looked handsome and every bit the gentleman.  Everything went without a hitch and I'm just sooo happy for them!  I'm sure this special moment that they shared with us, will be treasured forever and the memory will fill their hearts with warmth for every day now on..

Now I will just share some beautiful snaps of the wedding and reception..  Please sit back, get your tissue box, and enjoy! :) MWAHs to Liberty and Pmann..

The beautiful venue where the ceremony was held -->

The stunning Ms Liberty Lighthouse
as she was given away..

The handsome Mr Pmann Sands as he waits at the altar for his bride's hand

The most glam couple in SL right now, exchanging their sweet vows..

... and then the symbolic exchange of rings..  they both said such beautiful things to each other :')

Presenting Mr Pmann Sands & Mrs Liberty Lighthouse Sands
 as they kiss for the very first time as Husband and Wife..
(Libby looks so gorjus here, her makeup is perfection!)

Of course no wedding album would be complete without the Bridal Waltz

Me and my partner, Claudia, dancing together in the foreground (right)
& the new couple in the midground (left)

Lastly, the awesome performer at the reception was Mr 'Anj' Gustafson Continuum
WOW what a voice!!!

All in all it was a glorious event and I feel so privileged that Libby invited me. :)  I had a wonderful time and I was very happy to witness her most special day!!  Big MWAHs to Libby and Pmann, they are surely off to celebrate their sacred event alone, as Husband and Wife...

Well this has been an extra post for me, but how could I not blog this?  I do hope Liberty and Pmann will get a minute to have a look.  ciao for now everybody!!



  1. Awww Sara, Thank you so much for all your kind words and thank you for coming out to the wedding,smiles
    Your blog Rocks!!
    p.s No I dont mine you calling me Libby, I like it!!

    1. YAY Libby :) I'm so glad you liked my blog, it'll be here forever as a little wedding album for your memories xx

    2. Thank You so much Sara for all your kind words about our Wedding Day, so happy you had a good time, look forward to getting to know you better, Thanks Again!

    3. Awww that's so sweet you left me a comment too :) I just hope you both enjoy the pictures I took, and of course enjoy the memories of your special day! hugs!