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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sexy Slits Gown Styling @ CWS !!

Well today at the CWS style-a-drome it was gowns, gowns, gowns galore!  Our theme today was "Sexy Slits Gowns" and I had my gown ready weeks in advance lol.  This will be one of my longer posts, because there is sooo much sassy stunningness to show you!!!

I'd been looking forward to this one, just because I love to have a reason to wear something extra special.  I felt like a princess in my gorgeous lavendar gown.  I'd spent hours perfecting my poses to work with the outfit too.

Here's a sneak peek of me in my outfit as we waited for each contestant to strutt their stuff for the event...

<-- Me on the left
next to Lilmama and Nicki

Arriving backstage, as expected there was some fierce competition awaiting the runway.  I knew there would be tough competition today, but OMG, our judge Laylah Lecker had the toughest job in the world today!  I'd have to say I felt sorry for Laylah having to judge us today.  I mean how could anybody possibly distinguish between so many absolutely stunning girls in their gorgeous gowns?

Let's take a look at some of the show stoppers!!!

Nicki Fray -->

She was first out today and started the show in stunning style!

<-- Aeon Cristole

Looking beautiful in a classic gown with long gloves.

Lilmama Artis -->

Her gown was so sexy and alluring!

<-- Liberty Lighthouse Sands

So elegant in her classically gorgeous gown.

Ace Trueblood -->

Very unique, today she came as Elvira, the Princess of Darkness..

<-- Janet Brink

Glorious in a mid tailed gown.

Sidney Abbot -->

Simply stunning as always in such unusual colour tones today! :)

<-- Eva Madenwald

Another unique entry, summoning some gothic tones for her ensemble.

Katrinova -->

Looking alluring as she always does!

<-- Beth Bloodwing
(Elizabeth Windstorm)

Our stunningly sassy last up entrant.

I sure didn't envy Laylah's job of being judge today!!  But she was professional as ever and our scores were tallied..  So without further ado, lets see the top 3!!!!

3rd: oooSaraooo Resident (Sara, ME) - on the right

2nd: Janet Brink !! (on the left)

1st:  Sidney Abbot !! (center)

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, I can't believe I placed again!!!  I got 3rd place and it's quite an honour to be in the company of Janet and Sidney in the top 3, they are both awesome competitors and already do extremely well in stylings.  I'm just over the moon to place with them!!  Oh and overwhelmed to participate in such a stunning event..  Thankyou to Tiffani for her awesome announcing and thankyou to Laylah for her expert judging, and of course congrats to every single one of us contestants, I think the top 3 could have easily been a top 12 today!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the show, see you at the next one!!!


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