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Monday, 11 June 2012

Memories of My Birthday Party ....

Well I think it's safe to say my birthday party was an overwhelming success!!!  I had soooo much fun!  I've got some snaps to show you all.. We held the party at our bungalo rooftop, which my SL partner Claudia and I have spent lots of time creating and perfecting!

Here's me in my ice blue gown as the party was getting started..

Of course I kept changing outfits the whole night LOL..  I even called a spontaneous "Sexiest Dressed" competition, sadly I had to rule myself out of the comp since I was taking the votes hehehe..

I even got my huddles out and ran some sync dancing hehehe..  You can take the model out of CWS class, but you can't take the CWS out of the model hahaha..

a friend Aber gave me that box of choccies that shouts
whenever someone grabs a choccie hehe

After yet another outfit change, the party rumbled on and on..  We even had to extend the booking with our awesum DJ Ex-x-xquisite!!!

At some point (don't remember exactly when lol) I called "bikini time!"  So everyone put their best bikini on and we all looked hot dancing in sync hehehe..

When one of our best friends had to leave I demanded a group photo, and where better to have a group photo than right on my birthday cake LOL..

cake & kini's lol
(yep that's me on the top, Claudia in front)

The party got pretty wild at times, our DJ even got in on the act and played some very nawtee songs too!  At one point I was summoned on stage by Claudia and wrapped in clingwrap (saran wrap) lmao!  How embarrassing hehe.

Of course the party continued on into the night!  It went for about 7 hours all up, with different crowds popping in and out the whole time!!

and yet another outfit change for me... lol

I had such an awesome time and hope everyone that came had fun!  It was so nice to see so many of my CWS friends pop in too!  Thankyou so much to everyone who came to help me celebrate :) and thankyou to Claudia for organising this party for me :)  next weekend I get to do it all again, for real this time hehe..  So I'll miss you all next weekend, but I'll be back after a weekend of partying, before you know it!!

So until next time..  keeping partying, like I will be next weekend hehe..


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