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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sara's Birthday Party !!!!!!!!!

Hiya friends!!!  Yep my birthday is coming up and we are celebrating it a week early in SL since I'll be off partying for the RL event hehehe. :P

I'll be sending out invites shortly, but if you're not on my friends list yet or if I missed you somehow, just IM me and I'll chuck you an invite :)

But here's the basic details..

When:  Saturday 9th June 2012 @ 5pm SLT (so come after the fashion show and party it up)

Where:  Bungalo Rooftop @ Claudia & Sara's Place (LM included in the invites)

What to wear:  whatever you like! :)  I'll probably start casual but naturally change my outfit about 4 or 5 times hahaha

We have the awesome DJ Ex-x-xquisite spinning tunes for us into the night and taking requests too.

I hope you all can come even if you can't stay for the whole party, it's sure to be The Party of the Day!!  After all it's what we're waiting for.. right!?!!

Hope to see you there!!


PS.  I know you been waiting, so here's my Song of the Week :)

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