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Saturday, 23 June 2012

"With Your Pet" Styling @ CWS !!

Hiya friends!!

Today was my first styling for a couple weeks, since I was away partying the last 2 weekends. :P

I had a pretty busy week so I only had like an hour before the styling to get myself ready for it, but luckily I already had ideas for it.  I wore one of my favourite yoga tracksuits, which most people have already seen, and I got myself a pet doggie which I named "Woofie".  He's a white shepherd, so I guess like an albino german shepherd..  I had to train him in just 20 mins before the show LOL!

Here's a pic of me and Woofie :)

I'm still yet to learn everything he can do hehe..  But so far I know he will chase a ball if I leave it out for him, he will eat if I leave food in his bowl, or he'll just roam around or sleep etc..

Standing backstage I could clearly see who the top 3 would be.  I didn't have enough time to get myself ready for this event, but I still wanted to participate!!  Next week I need to get some practice done so I can get back into CWS fashion shows too! :)

Anyhow, here are today's top 3 for our "With Your Pet" themed styling...
3rd: Ms Subrina Bearsfoot and her chimpanzee "Chi Chi"  (left)

2nd: Ms Sagia Resident and her blackbird "Big Guy" (right)

1st: Ms Liberty Lighthouse Sands and her kittycat "Whiskers" (centre)

Congrats to the top 3, your outfits and pet choices were amazing and descriptions were so imaginative!!  Thanks to Ms Vicky Yongbo for announcing us today, and to Ms DebbieDoo Tigerfish for her expert judging.. :)

I'm looking for to next weekend's styling and also to getting back into fashion shows too!! :)  Lastly I'll leave you with this month's CWS Magazine Video...   Enjoy!!!


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