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Monday, 16 April 2012

Catchup Class..

So it's 10:30pm my time now, (or 5:30am SLT).  Just finished my catchup class with Ms Vicky Yongbo. :)


She spent at least an hour with me I think, we went through the class notes, I'm looking forward to doing my practice pageant card and photos.  I bet my friends from classes, Danni and Nicki, will know which previous styling I'm gonna use as the basis for it hehe :P

Then we did a practice run of the Dome formation, but mirroring each other instead of driving the other. (it's model speak, I can try to explain it but not here in a blog lol)  I was relieved my timing seems to be ok, pretty much the same as Vicky's and Debbie's.

Mr Didier Rascon passed me the class notes for his photography class that I missed too.  So I'll have some work to do this week to make sure I catch up with everything.  Then there's styling coming up at the weekend (or Friday evening in SLT), Vicky showed me an awesum pose shop and I've almost perfected my pose set for the styling too.  Just a few new ones to complete each sequence and I should be good to go!!

Well, that's it from me today, time for sleepies, my partner should be home pretty soon so I can go curl up now.. ciao for now peoplezzz


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