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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sascha's Designs! Fashion Show @ CWS

Today it was a privilege again to watch our fabulous trainers at work on the runway.  It was also my first time watching an event at the wonderful Dome Runway @ CWS.  I've practiced the formation so many times, so it was a real treat to see it in action! :)

The glorious designs today were from Ms Sascha Frangilli...  If I had to describe her designs in two words, I would say "cute" and "fun".  All the wonderful dresses were quite flirty and fun, but yet quite formal and everyone looked so cute and stunning in them!

So let's take a look at some of the wonderful creations shall we..

<-- Lisanna (centre)
DebbieDoo (right)
Laylah (left)

Cael (right)-->
Didier (left)

<-- Erin (left)
Mesange (right)

Marya (left) -->
Lisana (right)

<---Mesange (right)
Vicky (left)

Janet (right) -->
Erin (left)

<-- Laylah (left)
Erin (right)

Tiffani looking stunning in apricot -->

<--  Vicky rocking it in pastel blue :)

DebbieDoo owning that runway -->

<--  With our Ms April sadly unable to attend today, Mr Didier Rascon stood in as the main attraction!! He is our UCWS Dean and our wonderful photography trainer.. I hope I've done you proud today Didier, using your famed "rule of thirds" for many of these shots :)

Now, we simply must thank Ms Anrol Anthony, again her tireless efforts have produced a wonderful show, along with the amazing talent of our trainers and models..  Thankyou Ms Anrol, you are a machine!!!

Ms Anrol Anthony -->
always in command with such composure and grace :)

Let's take one last look at the fabulous models and trainers, dressed to the nines in Ms Sascha Frangilli's incredible designs...  With of course, Mr Didier Rascon staring front and centre!!

After the show, three of us students were lucky enough to star in a video for CWS.  I will be posting on my blog just as soon as the producers finish their work, but here's a sneak peak at us performing on the runway..

<-- Liberty Lighthouse Sands (left)
Nicky Fray (centre)
Sara (oooSaraooo Resident) (right)

it was so much fun, I can't wait to see the video!!

Well I hope everybody enjoyed the show, such fun, flirtacious and formal gowns, cute as can be mini dresses, what can I say Ms Sascha?  I can say, everybody to Sascha's Designs NOW!!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, CWS is Simply The Best place to be for fashion!!  See you at the next event, maybe I'll even be staring in it next time! :)


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