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Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday's almost done...

Well, the not so glamorous part of Monday is gone.  So it's almost 4:30pm (11:30pm Sunday SLT) and I'm home from work unwinding at last.  Oh I know at least one person that's gonna get a big laugh out this..

Yesterday I'd put the washing on just about the Fashion Show @ CWS, and then with doing my blog entry about it and class not long after, I completely forgot to hang up the washing..  So, today (Monday for me), I get to work and the first thing I think is "oh crap!  the washing is still in the machine, it's been there all night!"  lmao!!

Not to worry, I've just put the washer on again and I'm sure I'll remember it this time (I hope).  So here I sit with a cuppa, about to jump inworld and check my messages etc.  I'll see if there's any other UCWS students or models around to help me practice the formations since I couldn't make class today.

But before I do, let me start a new tradition, since this blog is fast becoming like my journal.  Around the start of each week, and when I remember, I'm gonna post a song here.  Just something that I like or has meaning to me.  It's just a bit of fun, but maybe my song choices will help some of my newest friends to know me better.

So here goes..
I hope you like :)  someone very special to me calls this the "Sara Song" at the moment lol.  Those that know me very well will totally get it hahaha!

I'll update this post later if anything of note happens...


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