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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's "Hump Day!"

Yes, that's right people, it's hump day again.  Well in actual fact it's hump night here now!!  Ummm, pun may or may not have been intended, you can all make up your own mind LOL!

So I've just about finished all my UCWS homework.  I did the shots for Photography Class 2, check them out on my Flickr if you like.  I also managed to get my example pageant card done too, with some awesum new shots too (thanks for the photo skills Didier!)

Since the time difference means I can't get to any stylings until SL Friday, I have no wonderful photos to share with you all.  So instead I'll post a shot from the collections of snaps I made when searching for the perfect photos for Didier's class.

Me in our courtyard that I put together @ SL home :)

And just for something extra, another song of the week... ENJOY!!!!  MWAHs

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