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Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's all Gaga at CWS!!! (Lady Gaga Styling Event)

So here we are again at the wonderful CWS Styling Runway.  Today's theme was "Like Lady Gaga", and it was important to do well coz it's part of our midterms for UCWS.

Over the last week I spent so much time trying to perfect my outfit, compose my poses and I think I changed my notecard about 8 or 9 times! lol  I put all my effort into this one so I was hoping to place at least.

Shaking backstage with nerves, Ms Vicky announces that I'm first out, again, OMG!!  It's nervewracking going out first, but then again I think first out has the advantage with less lag hehe..  So I marched out with my Gaga swagger, I nailed all my poses and even showed off my special dance moves on the last stop.  Then it was off to the side to wait and see, fingers and toes crossed (which is harder to do than you think, especially in these thigh high boots lol).

So here I am waiting patiently as I take my happy snaps..

<-- ME!!  on the right
& Liberty on the left in the meat dress

Now let's have a look at my fellow students and their wonderful creations..

Aurora Drachios --->
fellow student (Class of April)

very daring and sexy, you did an awesum job Aurora!

<-- Liberty Lighthouse
fellow student (Class of April)

stunning in coral, or should we say meat!!

I was shocked to see so many of our Class of April missing.  Ms Debbie informed us that many of them had RL to attend to, but making up the spots some of the lovely CWS Models brought their game too...

Violetagrace -->
CWS Model &
Graduate from UCWS

I luv the colour!!

<-- HarmonySelector
CWS Model &
Graduate from UCWS

Only dressed as Lady Gaga can you get away with such frizz hehe :)

Ascensions -->
CWS Model &
Graduate from UCWS

(also one of my wonderful model friends)
great hair Ace!!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves please!  I know I did lol!  As the last few models came out, I was beginning to get more and more confident that not only would I place, but that I might actually place 1st..  All so quickly the CWS gem, Ms DebbieDoo, tallied our scores and the wonderful Ms Vicky started to announce the winners.  Third place, Ms Aurora Drachios, she looked sooo Gaga today, Second place, Ms Liberty Lighthouse, who is off to her own wedding in less than an hours time.  We all did such an awesome job with this styling, and I really think we students totally rocked it!  UCWS Class of April ruled the runways this time round, I'm so proud of us all!  Oh?  What's that?  You're waiting for who got 1st place?

So was I!!  Then I had to hold back tears of happiness for the photos, coz I got 1st place!!!  OMG I couldn't believe it.  I knew I did a great job and I pulled out all of my tricks, with the light bulbs I made for my dress, and using my Gaga dance on the last stop.  But to be announced the winner is unbelievable, it's my first trophy and I'm so proud!!  I put so much work into this styling and it really paid off!!  :)  I won't make you wait any longer hehe, here we are, the 3 winners today, all of us from the Class of April, I'm sure we made our trainers proud. :) :)

3rd place: Aurora Drachos (left)
2nd place: Liberty Lighthouse (right)
1st place: Sara (oooSaraooo Resident) centre
yep, me, still can't believe it :P

Before I finish up, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some people..  Firstly I must thank all of our wonderful trainers at UCWS, but especially lately Debbie, Vicky and Tiffani, for listening to my rants at times lol, and helping to keep me calm when I get so nervous or worried about homework, etc.  I also want to thank my wonderful SL partner, Claudia, for helping me pick my hair for this event and pushing me towards something original.  And I will thank my crazy friend Nic (or Nutso according to me haha), for taking to the time to come perv on my Gaga outfit and giving me extra confidence that I had a winner!!

Well, my heart is still pounding really lol..  Now to set my sights on the next styling!  Oh see you all tomorrow at the CWS Fashion Show too :)


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