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Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Fair-y Tale !!

Hellooo friends!  After such an exciting day yesterday, graduating from UCWS, I had a much needed sleep in this morning since today's Fashion Show was a bit too early for me.  Once my eyes were open I decided to continue the celebrations hehe.

Before lunch I finished running around the Pose Fair 2012!  Wow it's such a huge exhibition with so many stalls to check out!  I have a shortlist of main stores to explore later on.  Oh here's me standing looking dazed at the size of the Fair..

And another snap of the center plazza of the exhibition.  You can almost see just how many stalls there are, it's two full sims!

I felt like I was walking on water lol!!  Oh actually that's because I was, I guess they left the flooring out to save on lag with so many pose stalls around.  I liked the quirky abstract sculptures dotted around the place!

Once my SL partner came on, just before lunch, we did another run around of the Pose Fair looking at all the gorgeous couples poses which we could use for some nice photos of us.  Some of them were quite steamy too! :P

This Pose Fair finishes at the end of April I think, so people be quick to check it out!  Let me give you a link to the Pose Fair blog with links and Slurls..   Pose Fair Blog with Slurls!

After lunch my partner and I checked out some of the main stores that we picked out from the Fair.  Then it was off to our home fashion studio so she could give me a lil fashion show of her own hehe. :)  We were picking out our best outfits to use for our photos, also I wanted to use my new skills I learnt from Didier's class to make a new profile pic for her.  I'll probably be posting it on my Flickr if she's happy with it.

I heard there is a special dance video happening tomorrow that us graduates will be in.  Unfortunately due to timezones I won't be able to be there. :(  But I'm sure the other girls will do an awesome job and I look forward to seeing the finished video! :)

Well until next time, keep on posing with poise!!


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