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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Semester 2 begins...

Eeeek!  So here I am I've got myself up early and ready for the first class of Semester 2 at UCWS.  I'm pretty tired, it's saturday morning for me so I'm still shrugging off my dancing shows from last night.  I'm trusting my favourite fellow students, Danni and Nicki, to keep me awake.  Oh that and a big cup of coffee :P

Yesterday the three of us (3 mouseketeers?) met up and did a little window shopping. :)  I've been working on my outfit for the Lady Gaga styling, yes I know it's still a week away, but I'll have limited time next week to get everything ready.  I tried on so many hairstyles lol.  I found a good one that might be perfect, and I found a couple others that I like for everyday modelling wear!

We checked out a couple places that Nicki works at too.  One was a huge clothing store I'll be sure to check out sometime soon, when I have more lindens haha.  Then Danni showed us this model gym place, it was so funny, long railings to walk along (hopefully without falling off) and on the roof there was this kinda "chase the dot" game lmao.  I think Danni was trying to tire us out haha!!

So off to class I go now..  I will miss some classes next week but I've been in touch with the trainers to try organise catch up sessions.  They've all been very helpful too!  But most of all I will miss being in class with my new friends.  Sometimes it's a lot to take in doing this course, but every class is so much fun and we learn so much.  Well, better get my butt to class now, see you at the styling later on!


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