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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Styling Witch Theme @ CWS

Well people, I can tell you there was plenty of wickedness at the CWS Style-a-drome today!!  There was even a cursing kitty!!  Bad kitty, bad kitty!!

I spent a lot of time on today's outfit and went with a Wiccan Goddess theme! :)  The vivacious Vicky Yongbo announced us today, and she sure kept us on our toes bringing the May students out as they arrived.  Today was their mandatory styling for their midterms (Class of May @ UCWS).  All the students did a wonderful job, and the rest of us sure gave them a run for their money too! hehe

So lets see some of the wicked designs shall we?....

Eva Madenwald -->

<-- Elizabeth Windstorm

Agee Canto -->
Class of May student (UCWS)

<-- Sothisiruis Resident
Class of May student (UCWS)

Sara, the Wiccan Goddess of the East
(me) -->

<-- Ace (Ascensions Resident) as Joan of Arc!!

Starfire Outlander -->
with her very bad kitty (cursing kitty)

<-- Laci Rossini  (Miss May)

Sxychanel -->

<-- Violeta Grace (Princess Violeta)
she brought her broom and wand and all her tricks..

Aquasia Aquajet -->
Class of May student (UCWS)

<-- Lilmama Artis

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, some fine wicked ladies on the runway today, and a classy french wizard too!  The devilish DebbieDoo Tigerfish was judging today and she sure had a tough task to select the top 3.  But as always, professional as ever, scores were tallied and the top 3 was finalised..  Here we are everyone, our wickedly stylish top 3!!!

3rd: Laci Rossini (right)

2nd: Sara (me) (left)

1st:  Ace!!  (center)

Woohoooo I finally placed again after so much hard work!!  I tried all my tricks and even got my candles out to cast a nice spell at the end..  And my bestie Ace got 1st YAY!!  Way to go Ace!!!  It was a huge field today, with 12 models competing, so I'm very proud of us that placed, but everyone did so well including the wonderful Class of May students!!!

Don't forget peoples, tomorrow is our Fashion Show for Nils Island.  It'll be at the wonderfully renovated Red Carpet Venue, so I hope to see you all there!!  Here's the taxi to get you there...

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - NILs Island Fashion Show @ CWS Red Carpet Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Red Carpet Venue Audience

Seeya there!!



  1. Good blog Sara... Luv it. I be joining you all soon. Spent few hours doing my homework which I left off lately.