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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nils Island Fashion Show @ CWS

Today it was a pleasure to present to the SL world, incredible outfits designed by fellow Aussie chicka, Ms Nils Tomorrow, of Nils Island Fashion!!  I must say all the models did a wonderful job in extremely laggy conditions..  I hope everyone enjoyed watching us show off Nilsy's wonderful print dresses and lovely lacey designs!!

You can check out all the gorgeous outfits from Nils Island Store here at the CWS Fashion District.

Unfortunately due to such bad lag I couldn't get many photos to show you all, but let me show you the outfits I was trusted to present today...

And here is our group photo for the show!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the show!!  Good luck to the Class of May students too, they will be graduating next weekend! :)


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