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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Song of the Week !!

Yes I know, I'm running late with this weeks song hehe.  It's been a busy week in RL for me..  So here we are again, time to select another sweet tune for you all. :)

This one's gonna be a lil daggy, but I hear it a lot on the radio at the moment and it's kinda funky, makes me wanna dance!!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Oh before I forget, here's the next couple events at CWS that I'm planning to be in, with handy landmarks/teleports...

Friday @ 5pm SLT  -  Styling Event "Witch Theme" @ CWS Styling Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Styling Audience

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - NILs Island Fashion Show @ CWS Red Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Red Venue Audience

Hope to see you all there!!


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