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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Snow White Styling @ CWS

Hiya friends, well today at CWS Styling, the theme was Snow White!!!  There were some interesting takes on the theme, oh and lots of evil queens too.  Me and Ace were very nervous backstage, they tried to tempt us with their poison apples lol.

Oh, the wonderful Ms Vicky announced us today and selected me to go on the runway first again, eeek!  So let's take a look at the amazing outfits for the event!

<---  Sara (me)
in my "sexy Snow White" costume that I put together..

Babette Upshaw -->
looking very kinky as an evil queen..

<-- Sidney Abbot
in a "classical" evil queen ensemble

Ace (Ascensions Resident) -->
like me, she brought her "sexy Snow White" look too :)

<-- Lin Carlucci
one of the most unique entrants today!  incredible gown! luv it!

Love Resident -->
another "kinky looking" evil queen hehe

<-- KariLicious!!
another of our "sexy Snow Whites" hehe

Poor Debbie had a tough decision today judging our outfits and poses..  But like always she was ever professional and tallied our scores to perfection!  So, here we go peoples, ready to see the top three?!?!

3rd: Sidney Abbot (right)

2nd: Babette Upshaw (left)

1st: Lin Carlucci (center)

As you can see the most unique take on the theme was a real winner today!  Well done Lin!!  Congrats to Babette and Sidney too!  We all had amazing outfits today so we are all winners today!!  Well done everyone!

Now people, don't forget, Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS tomorrow!!

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS Blue Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Blue Venue Audience

See you there!!


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