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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS (the secret's out!)

Well I hope you all came to our incredibly sexy show at the newly renovated CWS Blue (Red) Venue!!  Today it was Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show!!!!  We all showed off some of sensationally sexy lingerie, looking so alluring in Carrie's wonderful designs.  I know where I want to shop next!! hehe

I didn't get to take as many photos this time.  This formation was pretty constant and I was only going to attempt taking photos during practice like I did last time.  I got a couple though, hopefully you all did too!!

Firstly I'll show you my outfits I was trusted to present in the show...

Gorgeous huh!!  Remember to click the photo to view it bigger! :)  Now let's see a selection of all Carrie's gorgeous designs..  Our final pose for the event.. (front and center is Nina, filling in for Miss May)

And lastly, our sexy group photo!!  (sorry to those are kinda hidden, so hard to get the perfect shot)

All in all it was a fantastic show and I'm so happy I got to be in it!  Today was my second fashion show, and it was 2 of my model besties debuts today!!  Ms Ascensions (Ace) Resident!!  Wooohooo, way to go Ace!!!  Here she is here in her stunning lingerie...

And Ms KariLicious Resident...

I hope everyone enjoyed the show!!  I sure did!  I felt like Miranda Kerr on the runway hehe..  Don't forget to go here, CWS Fashion District, to get yourself some sexy undies from Carrie's Lingerie!!!

Until next time..


PS wooohoooo my Claudia got picked for the after show video! How awesome!!  So here's a snap of the lucky audience members doing their dance for the video...

that's her on the left in red lingerie by Carrie's Designs -->

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