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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Song of the Week!! you gotta check this out!!

Hiya everybody!!!

Well it's song of the week time again and I have one of my favourite songs at the moment!!

For anybody who knows what Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows are like, you'll remember how they have the top singers on the runway singing to the models as they come out.  Since starting at CWS I constantly feel like I'm in a VS Fashion Show hehe.  Actually I will be in the Styling Fashion Show this Friday (4th May) at 3pm SLT!!!  Please come watch me and the other models show off our winning outfits from the past month's styling themes! :)

So that brings us to Song of the Week!!  This is a song by an Aussie artist (well African born but he's Aussie), Timomatic!!  He was discovered in Australia's Got Talent 2009 and this is his latest single and it's what I imagine is being sung to me when I'm on the CWS runways !!! :)

Enjoy!! MWAHs

1 comment:

  1. Am feelin that I m getting higher & higher from your post & Kylie Minoque' song :p