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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Alba's Designs Fashion Show @ Classic with Style !!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the best show on earth!!  Alba's Designs Fashion Show @ CWS!!

After forcing myself out of bed so early for practice, I was finally ready for my Fashion Show debut! :)  What better way to officially start my modelling career than to be wearing these fabulous frocks from Alba's Designs.  Oh and I'm in love with designers who provide multiple options with their outfits, and Alba's is no exception!  My first outfit was lovely and cute, and the second I wore today has like 5 different options, which means there is so many combos you could wear it!!

I got to wear some of my hot new shoes too :) it was so much fun accessorizing the outfits.  I sure hope I did Alba2 Rossini proud. :)

Well, on with the show shall we??  Let's see some of the incredibly gorgeous gowns and dresses from Alba's Designs!!! (remember click the photos to view them larger)

My first outfit for the event --->
(that's me at the back, on the left)

<- My second outfit for the show
(that's me front right)

Lastly, let me show you our stunning group photo!!

And now the final pose!!

<- front and center is Laci Rossini, Miss May 2012!  She was our showstopper today!

Of course, for all my wonderful fans and followers, here's one last look at the outfits I presented today for Ms Alba!!

I had so much fun being in my first ever Fashion Show for CWS.  Along with VioletaGrace, who also debuted today, and Liberty Lighthouse who was in her second show today, we were the 3 new models on the runway today and I must say we aced it hehe!  But so did all the models, it was an incredible event, expertly directed by the ever professional Ms Anrol Anthony..  Thankyou so much Anrol for trusting me to be in the show, and thankyou to the trainers and the other models who endlessly provide support and advice.  Oh and thanks Debbie for the nails store landmark hehe..

Hope to see you all at the next show!!


PS. Don't forget people, you can see all these wonderful outfits for yourself and go on a shopping spree here at CWS Fashion District..

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  1. Ooo shopping spree, where is ma sugar daddyyyy????? :D