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Friday, 18 May 2012

Shhhhh it's Carrie's secret!!

Hahaha gotcha!!  So what's the big secret?  And who is Carrie?

Well...  It's official!  I'll be in the next CWS Fashion Show for Carrie's Lingerie!!!  OMG I can't wait, I'm so excited!!  It'll be like living my dream (at least living it in SL anyways).  It's at 3pm SLT Saturday!

Those of you that know me well would know that I've idolize Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr.  I've dreamed of being like her and being a Victoria's Secret Angel hehe.  I even placed 2nd in a styling event about a month ago when I wore my version of her 2009 VS Fashion Show outfit.  Here's a new photo of it to jog your memory..

As you can see I'm using a head shot of me in this outfit for my profile pic these days hehe.  Anyways, being in the Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS is so exciting!  It's gonna feel like a real VS fashion show hehe :)  Even our venue for the show is really very similar to what you'd see in a VS fashion show!  For those of you who've never seen a VS Fashion Show, here's a "highlights" video of the last one (2011/2012).  You'll see Miranda in it naturally... Oh actually that's her in the thumbnail!

I hope you'll all come to see me and all the wonderful CWS models in our Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show. Also I'll be in the Snow White Styling Event on Friday @ 5pm SLT.  So here's my schedule for the next events I'll be in, with link/teleports to make it so easy to come see me strut ma stuff!!

Friday @ 5pm SLT  -  Snow White Theme Styling Event @ CWS Styling Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Styling Audience

Saturday @ 3pm SLT - Carrie's Lingerie Fashion Show @ CWS Blue Venue
               go here for the best seats -->  CWS Blue Venue Audience

See you there!!


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