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Saturday, 5 May 2012

April Styling Fashion Show @ Classic with Style !!

Woohoooo!! Hi everybody, I hope you all came to our Styling Fashion Show. It's a wonderful event that allows us to showcase our winning outfits from the previous month's styling events. Today we saw all our favourite themes from April. :)

So I was up bright and early again for practice before the big event.  After an intense dress rehearsal we performed a dance for the upcoming video.  Here's a photo of us busting a move on the runway..

It was hard to get photos on the day, in amongst changing for the next outfit and being runway ready.  We showcased 18 themes in total, I was in 3 of them, my outfits being for "Sexy Slits Gown", "Superstar Theme", and "Like Lady Gaga".  I know you're all dying to see me in those outfits again, and I love to keep my fans happy! :)

So...  Here we are ladies and gentlemen, let's review some of the awesome outfits from the past month's Styling Events...

Theme: T-shirt & Underwear --->

Liberty Lighthouse Sands (centre)
Lilmama Artis (left)
Laci Rossini (right)

<-- Theme: Sexy Slits Gowns

Sidney Abbot (centre)
Janet Brink (left)
Sara (me!) (right)

Theme: SuperStar! --->

Janet Brink (centre)
Sara (me!) (left)
Katrinova (right)

<-- Theme: Fishnets!

Eva Madenwolf (centre)
Sidney Abbot (left)
Ascensions Trueblood (right)

Theme: European styling --->

Liberty Lighthouse Sands (centre)
Marya Bloch (left)
Dannylynn (right)

(miss you Danni!!!)

<-- Theme: Blue

Eva Madenwolf (centre)
Princess Violeta (left)
Imogen (right)

Theme: Like Lady Gaga --->

Sara (me!) (centre)
Aurora Drachios (left)
Liberty Lighthouse Sands (right)

Of course after we had shown off our wonderful outfits to the audience, we all chose our most creative outfit to wear at the end when we were presented to the crowd one last time.  Once we were all out, our special guest judge, from Sascha's Designs, adjudicated the most creative model for the month of April.  And our April Most Creative model is....

Ms Ladysunfire Erin !!
Winner of April Most Creative Model

woooo congrats Erin xx

Next up was the award for Most Prestigious Model for April.  This award goes to the model who has stood out all month by putting in tireless efforts in stylings, and helping others too, and also for being totally awesome all over, both on the outside AND the inside! :)  Without further ado, our April Most Prestigious Model is.........

Ms Laci Rossini !!
Winner of April
Most Presitigious Model

WTG Laci !!!!!!!!

Ms Jaguar from Sascha's Designs also accepted the Presitigious Designer Award from CWS.  Naturally our incredible event today was coordinated by none other than the tireless Ms Anrol Anthony.  Thankyou to Anrol for expertly running the show today, thanks to all our fellow models who worked hard to be in the showcase of stylings, and of course big thank you to our audience who made it so much fun to show off on the runway for you all!!  I hope everyone enjoyed the show!


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