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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mother's Day Styling Theme @ CWS

Hiya everybody!! Today we celebrated Mother's Day in Style!! Well, a little early but it's the though that counts right? :)

I started off with no idea what to do for this theme, since I'm not a mother. But then the light bulb in my lil brain went off, and today I came with my cousin's baby, dressed as a "yummy mummy!!" :P My cousin's baby's name is Oriela and we had great fun on the runway! I made sure to show her off to the audience and she was loving the attention (wonder where she gets that from? lol)..

I knew there would be tough competition today, because I know many of the other models are mums too. Let's take a look at all the yummy mummies!!!

<-- Lin Carlucci
6 months pregnant

Sara (me) & baby Oriela --->

<--- Ascensions (Ace)
7 months pregnant

Laci Rossini - Miss May 2012 -->
& baby

<-- ElizaBeth Windstorm
(who had her bubs in her pocket hehe)

Liberty Lighthouse Sands --->
& baby Mia

<-- Wulla Zabelin
new UCWS student (Class of May)

VioletaGrace --->
& BiBi

Wow what a wonderful show it was today.  So much cuteness all over the runway, and lots of babies making their cute lil noises hehe. :)  After Ms Vicky had presented us to the crowd, it was all up to Ms Debbie to decide who today's yummiest mummies are!!!

So here we are ladies and gentlemen, I give you our yummy mummies......

1st: VioletaGrace (centre) with Bibi (front)
2nd: Liberty Lighthouse & Mia (left)
3rd: Wulla Zabelin (right)

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there..  You're all yummy mummies!!!


PS I'll be in tomorrow's Fashion Show at the CWS Plazza!!  Show starts at 3pm SLT Saturday, here's a free ride to get the best seats in the house.. CWS Plazza Theatre - Ballroom Audience

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  1. Opsss, shud I get pregnant with babbbbies too, guyzzz, watch out, here I come lol :) Gimme a ride babeh !!!!