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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Showgirls!! Showgirls!! (Styling Event) @ CWS

So I have a surprise for you all today!  I'd usually be at work when Monday Stylings happen (10am Tuesday my time).  But I was feeling pretty yuck today when I got up, lady's issues, don't ask!!  Anyways, what better way to distract me than to participate in another Styling Event at CWS!!!!

Since I hadn't planned on being in this event lol, I had like 2 hours to get everything ready.  I double checked the theme for today, and then I triple checked it!  So off I went to put together another wonderful outfit, choreograph my poses and write my descriptions.  I was surprised how well it all came together in such a short time..  Usually I spend a few evenings after work perfecting everything for just one styling event!

I'm very happy with my efforts for today's event and I knew there would be some sensational entries today, so I came with camera at the ready as always! :)  Today our guest announcer, Ms Paris Unplugged, did a fabulous job of presenting us all today, so let's take a look at all the wonderful Showgirls today at CWS..

  First up was
Ace (Ascensions Resident) -->

<-- Nicki Fray

Sara (me) -->

<-- Janet Brink

Sidney Abbot -->

<-- BebeBlue

KariLicious -->

<-- Aeon Cristole

VioletaGrace -->

<-- Katseye2

finishing our show today was
Agee Zsigmond --->

Poor Ms Tiffani Celestalis had a tough task on her hands today judging us showgirls!!  I don't know how she did it, but with expertise she presented our top 3 for our Showgirls Styling Event...  So here we are ladies and gentlemen, the winning outfits of the day...

3rd: BebeBlue (right)
2nd: VioletaGrace (left)
1st: Janet Brink (center)

Well there we have it people, what a wonderful event it was.. So many sensational outfits today, it was a tough contest!!  See you all at Friday's Styling...


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