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Monday, 14 May 2012

Songs of the Week !!

Yep, thats right it's not a typo, I did say songS of the week.  That's because I have something special for you all. :)  I can show you the CWS May 2012 video!  (magazine coming out soon)  I love the mixing they've done with the tunes in this video! :)

Here ya go..  Look for me in the Class of April graduation segment (starts at 2:15).

And now for my regular song of week pick..  Most of you will know what movie this song is from hehe.  I love Christina Perri, I'll be posting more of her songs soon.  Can't wait for Breaking Dawn Pt 2 though, hurry up!!!

Well, enough of my rambles, enjoy!! MWAHs

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